Question 2     As a Christian what can I do to give up smoking?

There are many Christians who, for one reason or another, would like to give up smoking.  The many additives in cigarettes

which are carcinogenic are well documented.  Yet it often proves to be one of the most difficult things; to stop smoking. 

We are pleased to give information of an electronic cigarette, which we believe should help greatly.

It looks like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette but is harmless.  It provides a pure nicotine experience,

without all the poisons associated with 'burn' smoking.

Halo is an advanced electronic nicotine inhaler (e-haler™) providing the sensation of smoking a cigarette without all the deadly

additives associated with smoking. The pure nicotine and water vapour is produced by an atomisation process that is free from burning,

as well as secondary products (usually toxic) produced by burning. Therefore, Halo is environmentally friendly with no

Carbon Monoxide emissions, cigarette waste and no secondary smoke. This makes Halo legally permitted for use in public places

where cigarettes are not. It reduces your average smoking costs by around 67%.  It can be used to greatly reduce the habit of

smoking or to eliminate it altogether.

For further details of this product and how to purchase online please click on the link below. 

This business is run by a committed Christian and we endorse this product.