Why was Jesus born a Jew?

God the Father’s plan was always to send a saviour/redeemer into this fallen world – to die for our sins.  This required mankind to recognise this saviour and understand why He had come and what He had achieved.

In the slave market, only a freeman could purchase the redemption of slaves.  Mankind had been a slave to sin since the fall of Adam and Eve.  It needed a man free from sin to purchase all mankind out of the slave market of sin.  Only God was free from sin but He had to prove that He could live as a human being without sinning.

So God the Father chose one man He could depend on to be the father of a nation which would give birth to this Redeemer.  But because he would be God in a man’s body, God, the Father, decided to give Him the earthly authority of being a King.

Abram who God renamed Abraham was the chosen man to be the father of this nation. His legitimate son, Isaac, not his illegitimate son Ishmael, was chosen.  Isaac’s son Jacob who God renamed Israel was chosen over his elder twin brother, Esau.  Jacob’s 12 sons became the 12 tribes of Israel.  Jacob’s son Judah was prophesied to be the legitimate ancestor of God’s chosen Kings of Israel.

The one anointed by God to be the Redeemer and Saviour was to be a King of Israel.  He would be known as the Messiah (which is Hebrew for the Anointed One).  He would come to Israel, His own people but He would die for the sins of the whole world.

Jesus’ genealogy is given in the Bible in Matthew 1 for all to see.  A copy of all genealogies was kept in the Temple at Jerusalem where everyone could access them until they were destroyed along with the Temple in AD 70.  Messiah had to prove His genealogy and therefore had to be ministering before AD 70.

Jesus was not just a Jew.  He was of the line of Judah and of the royal line of David.  He was the rightful heir to the throne of Israel if the Davidic monarchy had still been in existence.  He is, therefore, forever also the last King of Israel, who will rule Israel when he returns.

As a good Jew, Jesus kept all the commandments.  He celebrated all the Jewish festivals but through His death He fulfilled all the Jewish Law.  He was the only sacrifice needed to fulfil every sacrifice and offering demanded in all the different laws under the Old Covenant.  He fulfilled all the Jewish Festivals except the Feast of Tabernacles, which He will fulfil when He returns, Jesus the Jew, King of Israel.