Worship Songs

(Please click on the underlined number of each song)

1.        'Like the Sunshine'                              solo         Mrs Fay Nice

2.        'When I look into Your Holiness'        solo        Mrs Fay Nice  

3.        'Faithful One'                                      church.         

4.        'At the Cross'                                       solo        Mrs Fay Nice

5.       'This is my Desire'                                duet        Mrs Fay Nice, Mrs Vanessa Pearce

6         'There is a Place'                                  solo         Mrs Fay Nice

7.        'Holy Ground'                                      solo        Mrs Fay Nice

8.        'Away in a Manger’                            duet       Mrs Fay Nice with 7 year old son, Chris

9.        'My Hope Rests Firm'                         church

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